Jeff Stuart

Ideas & Art

Creative brand communication.


Your brand doesn’t always need an agency to accomplish its marketing goals. Your company may be better served by relying on an experienced freelancer with a broad background in various specialized marketing and advertising practices who can personally focus on your specific objectives. I can help.


Sometimes your agency could use a fresh perspective to break routines and avoid predictability. When a team has extensive, day-to-day experience with a specific client or task, it can be challenging to find new and original solutions. I can help.


From briefing to execution: whether simple print or online measures, or comprehensive multichannel campaigns.


Graphic conception and realization of both static and animated brand communication measures.


Creative text in English and translation from German to English from an American native speaker.


Assessing the current situation and setting goals is a challenge. An external perspective can be an eye-opener.

In the works.


Higher learning for a higher cause.

I am currently working together with the University of Theology and Philosophy in Vallendar to completely rebrand the institution. In the next few months, the Philosophisch-Theologische Hochschule Vallendar (PTHV) will undergo its transformation to Vinzenz Pallotti University (VPU).

A new corporate design, corporate language. positioning and claim will be incorporated in a new website, literature and on-site measures. Check back regularly to view our progress.

Examples of recent work.

Böhringer Hirschbräu Helles
Mixola – Cola + Orange
It's our nature – Faber-Castell Cosmetics

Freelance Creative Direction and Art Direction in Stuttgart.