Jeff Stuart

Ideas & Art

Brand communication to the point.


Your brand doesn’t always need an agency to accomplish its marketing goals. Your company may be better served by relying on an experienced freelancer with a broad background in marketing and advertising who can personally focus on your specific objectives. I can help.


Sometimes your agency could use a fresh perspective to break routines and avoid predictability. When an internal team has extensive, day-to-day experience with a specific brand or task, it can be challenging to find new and original solutions. I can help.

Brand-boosting services, from briefing to go-live.


Comprehensive multichannel campaigns, simple stand-alone brand communication measures or anything in between.


From advice on creative concepts and executions to the accompaniment of film, photo, audio and digital productions.


Creative copywriting, headline concepts, film treatments and German-to-English translations from a native English speaker.


Conception and realization of static and animated communication measures and corporate, product and packaging design.

Examples of work.

Rexroth – Light-years ahead
Böhringer Hirschbräu Helles
The Good In You – Kaufland